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Tips: Vegan Living Abroad

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Hello there! I’m Lexi, from Stories of a Passport, a travel blog that focuses on making travel a priority.

Traveling certainly comes with challenges, but eating and living compassionately does not have to be one of them! A little bit of planning and forethought can help you overcome the small inconveniences that may come with maintaining a vegan lifestyle while abroad.

Here are my tips for making vegan living easy wherever your travels take you.


Research gives you a huge advantage, as far as understanding what the local cuisine is, and what "hidden" ingredients there may be. For example, many East Asian countries have tofu and noodle dishes that appear to be vegan, but are actually cooked in fish broth. With knowledge comes power! That said, in most major cities all over the world, there are a number of vegan dining options. A google search or two will oftentimes yield many delicious recommendations! Don’t forget about Happy Cow - a nearly universal guide and resource for user-submitted, vegan-friendly options.


Patience is is highly essential when traveling. If you're traveling in parts of the world where veganism is not well understood, give yourself time to explain exactly what you do not eat. The word "vegan" is not universal, so communicating the actual definition is essential for avoiding a misunderstanding. I've found that Google translate is a useful tool to communicate basic concepts when there is a language barrier! The Vegan Passport is also a handy app that provides translations for vegan-related vocabulary in over 80 languages, so if you're doing some long-term travel, it might be a good investment!


There are so many countries and cities that have embraced veganism, especially in North America, Western Europe and Oceania. If you want to travel to an amazing vegan hub, some notable ones are Berlin, Glasgow, NYC and Toronto. However, if your travels are taking you to remote, lesser developed regions, then you'll have to be more resourceful. These regions can often be meat and dairy focused, but there are always local markets where you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables! I would also recommend keeping a snack stash, so you’re always prepared with nuts, granola bars, or pretzels when the pickings are slim. If you're really in a pinch, canned soups, rice, hummus, and pita sandwiches can make for convenient on the go vegan meals! Most importantly, don't forget to pack your vitamins! It's just as necessary to maintain your health abroad, as it is at home.


An important part about traveling compassionately, is remembering to pack vegan friendly toiletries! I always bring Rudder & Fern's cinnamon soap with me! For other compact toiletries, I use Lush products. If you forget something, there's a chance it will not be readily available in the country you're visiting, so think ahead!

If you have any additional questions about traveling abroad and eating compassionately, we - the ladies at Stories of a Passport - would be more than happy to assist you! Contact us at and HAPPY TRAVELS!

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