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What's New and Why!

We are constantly brainstorming and on the prowl for innovative and inspiring everyday essentials. Our products are chosen on a variety of criteria, but principally with one question in mind. Would it appeal to you - the compassionate, mindful and curious consumer that you are? We aim to endorse and offer products that consider the consequences, invest in the future, simplify the daunting, satisfy your shopper’s urge and reaffirm your humanity. Learn more about our newest discoveries and their exciting attributes!

The Vegan Cat by Ana Maria Wier

Whether you are vegan or just an eggplant enthusiast, these cat toys will win your heart and captivate your kitty! Each toy is handmade with plant-based fabrics and filled with 100% organic catnip. Creator, Ana, is based in St. Charles, Illinois and was inspired by the work and dedication of her animal and rescue friends. Shower your adopted companions with the love all animals deserve!

catnip toy eggplant watermelon peas chili pepper handmade

The Mojave Moon by Reanna Dembitsky

With the stability of stone and the simplicity in style, The Mojave Moon guarantees a timeless aesthetic for a product that will last a lifetime. Marble is an earth-friendly material, as it is naturally occurring, incredibly durable and free of any synthetics or chemicals. Keep it, recycle it or return it to the earth - these stone coasters have an eco-forward life cycle. Each piece is handcrafted in Buffalo, New York by creator Reanna.

Marble Coasters Handmade New York The Mojave Moon

Marleys Monsters by Sarah Dooley

One disposable, two disposable - a lifetime of disposable will make the earth uninhabitable. One-use-disposable items have monopolized our households and routines. When we reach for another cotton ball or throw out another disintegrating sponge, we could instead be reusing the fun and functional creations of Sarah Dooley. Her washable sponges and facial rounds are handmade in Eugene, Oregon and are ideal for all waste-reducing, earth-loving individuals.


Living compassionately only takes a little intention, some added crunch and a lot of love.

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