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2nd Ground Upcycled Coffee

2nd ground upcycled coffee candles and soap vegan

2nd Ground is a coffee upcycling company. When you upcycle, you're giving something a brand new life. They use post-brewed coffee grounds in soaps, scrubs and candles. They run their business like a circle. They pick up "waste" from coffee shops, while also enabling those same shops to resell their used grounds as transformed products. This reduces the amount of trash produced. 2nd Ground has also committed to using 100% biodegradable or reusable packaging. Reusing something once reduces trash by 50%. They hope to inspire people to turn trash into treasure and to inspire other companies to go plastic-free.

  • Environmental impact: Yes, coffee grounds can be used as fertilizer, however that's not what happens when thousands of coffee shops put them in the trash every day. The grounds are thrown out in plastic bags, with other trash such as cups, lids, etc. These bags get sealed, picked up, and brought to a dump. The grounds then spend the rest of their life trapped in plastic, worthless. 2nd Ground saves the grounds from being simply thrown into nothingness by giving them a second life, in your shower, sink, or candles.