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Marleys Monsters

Sarah Dooley started Marleys Monsters while on maternity leave from her career as an interior designer, waiting for the arrival of her first baby girl - Marley. She has always had a passion for making anything and everything. She started making Marley everything she needed, always with sustainability and reusability in mind. Her brand focuses on eco-friendly living essentials for crunchy families. Throughout the baby years, she tried product after product and learned what she liked and didn't like about each one, before designing the version she liked best. Every recommendation or new product request from her customers also helped them to grow into what Marleys Monsters is today. As her shop grew, she realized that her passion for being hands on and making things while taking care of Marley was worth pursuing, so she left her job the summer of 2014 to follow her dreams and pursue Marleys Monsters and Marley.