Rudder & Fern
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About Us

Rudder & Fern is a lifestyle brand that cultivates mindfulness through creative craftsmanship. We believe in living vibrantly without having to compromise on value or virtue - style or sustainability - comfort or compassion. We foster collaboration between advocacy, artistry and economy.

Value Statement

Rudder & Fern strives to be at the forefront of conscientious consumerism. We are committed to valuing both ecology and economy by facilitating integrity-based retail. Our business and our beliefs are founded in mindfulness. We invest in ambitious, cutting edge creations, encouraging innovative and principled craftsmanship. With Rudder & Fern every product is progress, every dollar is a donation and every patron is an advocate. Our business is not only a platform for art and ingenuity, but for cultivating compassion and celebrating change. We enable citizens of the world to have better options, to choose consciously and to support the freedom and happiness of all those around us. We endeavor to be environmentally and socially responsible; accountable to our communities, our non-human co-inhabitants and to all of the oceans, mountains and trees. The path of progress is slow and rocky and therefore we do not claim purity or perfection; we aspire to be bold of heart and positive in force.