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Upcycled Coffee Soap
2nd Ground Upcycled Coffee

Upcycled Coffee Soap

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Our soaps are made from all natural ingredients, and recycled espresso grounds. All of our soaps are handmade in Brooklyn, New York.

The advantages of our soaps

  • Dual purpose bars: all of our bars are formulated to ensure that a majority of the grounds are on one side of the bar. This gives you two different uses while using the soap. One side is for lathering, while the coffee side is for deep cleaning.
  • No coffee aroma: since we have used recycled grounds in our soaps, the scent of the grounds in our soaps is negligible. Each bar holds true to its fragrance, not the coffee. For you out there that do want the smell of coffee, we have made a line of espresso fragrance bars and candles.
  • No brown water: for those of you who have tried a fresh coffee soap before, you might have noticed the brown water effect, where it's basically like you are brewing a cup while washing up. We use post-brew grounds so there is no brown water effect. The grounds in the bars release gradually so there will be some trace of the grounds, but they rinse off with ease. We prefer to keep that coffee color in the cup, where it belongs. 

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