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Gale men's Slimfold wallet cork vegan cruelty-free black

Gale Men's Slimfold Wallet - Black

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An Arture best-seller, the Gale is a classic slimfold wallet that neatly packs all your essentials. It holds cash, 6 credit cards, and a SIM card.



No two pieces of our material are alike, owing to the creativity of nature and uniqueness of cork. Sourced from the cork oak forests of the Mediterranean, our material has a strong essence of gentleness and care, and is also easy to maintain being anti-fungal and waterproof. All our products are lined with 100% organic cotton fabrics.


In most ways, cork is pretty low maintenance. Because of it’s waterproof and anti-fungal nature, it remains unaffected by moisture and humidity. If the product gets dusty, it can be wiped with a damp cloth. Like with any other material, light colors do have a higher tendency to attract dirt. However, a simple wash with a mild cleansing solutions will do the trick and help you maintain your product.


  1. Dimensions: 6.60 x 3.74 inches / 16.76 x 9.49 cms
  2. Weight: 50g
  3. 6 credit card slots
  4. Currency notes
  5. Slot to store your extra SIM


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