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Reed Business Card Holder - Natural

Reed Business Card Holder - Natural

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Want to make an impression at your next business meeting? We have just the right accessory for you. The Reed Card Case has been crafted to hold in your business cards and plastic money. With its sleek and smart finish, this is just the thing you need when you whip out your cards to land that next big deal. 
We've found a way to make those business meetings a total win.  


No two pieces of our material are alike, owing to the creativity of nature and uniqueness of cork. Sourced from the cork oak forests of the Mediterranean, our material has a strong essence of gentleness and care, and is also easy to maintain being anti-fungal and waterproof. All our products are lined with 100% organic cotton fabrics.

  • Measures  11.5 x 8 x 2.8

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